Sunday 9 April 2017

Friday 7 April 2017

Wednesday 5 April 2017

2017 April Journal Challenge - What is your favourite day of the week

My favourite day of the week is Sunday because I've made it my favourite by filling it with people and activities I love.

Sunday is the day I don't work because I told them not to schedule me.
Sunday is the day I visit my mom three towns over.
Sunday is the day I sleep in and do absolutely nothing all day.
Sunday is the day I have friends over for board games or RPGs.
Sunday is the day I read an entire novel in one sitting.
Sunday is the day I spend all day cuddling with my sweethearts.

Pick a day.
Decide it's your favourite.
Then make it a day worthy of being your favorite.

2017 April Journal Challenge - Describe your favourite spring scents

Fresh cut grass is green and full of pain.

The air as the rain rolls in is full earth and trees.

The air after the rainstorm is fresh and new like an empty notebook.

Garden soil, freshly tilled and planted, is full of hope and security.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

2017 April Journal Challenge - Five Things You Can't Leave The House Without

This is tough. Don't know if I'll hit five.

- Wallet
- Keys
- Cellphone
- Change purse(it has my bus tickets and spare hair ties in it)
- Shoes? (I'm assuming I'm going somewhere and not just a walk around he block)

Sunday 2 April 2017

2017 April Journal Challenge - How do you start your day out right?

The best mornings involve waking up naturally with the sun and without an alarm next to HugSlut or Bard. After some sweet snuggles and whispered chatting I feed Franklin the cat and then brew some coffee. I then lounge on our reclining sofa to scroll social media and catch up on my game apps. After coffee, a nice hot shower, and dressing for the day, I make some bacon and eggs for breakfast. After a morning like that I'm set to face anything.

Of course most mornings look like being woken up 60 to 90 minutes before my alarm by a little orange bastard. After feeding the cat I go back to bed for the last precious hour, and wake to an alarm. No matter how nice a noise it makes its always jarring. I get up and get cleaned up and dressed for the day, then head out to catch my bus to work chugging a prepackaged breakfast shake. I'll have coffee at work.

2017 April Journal Challenge - 1. Best Prank You've Ever Done

A long time ago when I was about... 13? ... my siblings and I had to wait for the school bus each morning and it was very very boring. What's a big sister for if not to relieve the boredom?

There was a telephone pole near where we had to wait and the guideline that held it steady had one of those yellow plastic safety sheaths on it so you didn't walk face first into high tensile steel cable... and I managed to convince my brother it was a live hydro(electricity) wire.

I started by warning him away from it and when he was standing next to me I pointed out that some houses had the power sent to them underground and he didn't see any overhead wires going to the house behind us did he? That meant that their wires were underground and they put the yellow plastic on to warn you to stay away.

He was skeptical at first and just as I saw his face shift into accepting the possibility I gave him a hard shove toward the wire. 👿