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A letter to my co-worker (who will probably never read this)

To start off, let me set the topic. Our conversation about homelessness this morning. You had said something about the homelessness epidemic being such a shame, and how the fellow across the road sleeping in a doorway shouldn't be there. I agreed thinking there was compassion in your heart... But then you continued and said that "it's really their own fault". I was stunned and could only say "Really?". You elaborated by telling me of the times you've witnessed "some of them completely tweaking". Now knowing you to be one to drink and smoke-up I asked, "Someone's life is going so shitty that they're huddled sleeping on a business' porch in a freezing rain and ice storm, and you're gonna tell them they're not allowed use $20 on drugs to escape the crappiness for a few hours?" You got all insulted and straightened your back saying that you might drink and get tattoos but you "prioritise food and a roof"