Thursday 6 September 2018

Journey vs Destination

I was just watching an early StartTrek: The Next Generation episode with Hugslut tonight. It was the one where Q offers Commander Riker the chance to become a Q.

At the end Riker offers everybody gifts that they really really want, and they give them back because it's not actually what they want.

I kind of feel the same way about my current journey. There are times when I feel that I don't want to get organized I want to be organized, I don't want to get in shape I want to be in shape.

I was thinking tonight that if there was a Q that offered me to be organized and be in shape the way I dream of in my future, I would take it...

And then I thought about my dream farm, and if I would be happy to have that at a snap of the fingers...

Strangely enough the answer is no.

Although I would really appreciate some magical help in some of the steps to get me where I want to go, I do still want to take that journey to my dream destination.

I want the joy of picking a property, fixing up the house the way we like it, choosing our animals, digging in the soil and creating a garden, meeting friends and neighbors and creating a community, and even the stupid little things like living here and saving up and learning the homemaking skills I'll need.

It's strange how I can be content with the journey for the big goal, but it's so much harder with the small goals.