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Garden Closed For 2020

Planning for 2021

While I was pulling weeds, I was planning seeds. Like last year I used to plan it out. Both Plots for the Whole Year Full planting list I clearly have high hopes but those pics are a bit blurry so here's some zoomed in versions. 1st half Planting List 2nd half Planting List Plot #4 Plot #5 Even with GrowVeg, I did not have a detailed enough list for me(they separate by month, not by week) so I started building a spreadsheet and I'm glad I did. Some of the DTM showed me I should move some things earlier. I plan to experiment with planting dates and trying to get as much food as possible out of these plots.  Detailed Planting Spreadsheet This is the first year I'm going to be keeping detailed notes on yield and such. I know it won't be of use after we move to a different climate, but hopefully this experience will teach me not only how to keep notes efficiently, but also what level of detail I'm interested in keeping. I do know that if going

I was done for the season....

But then I talked myself into a lot more work. I had Plot #5 at our garden and after cleaning up I tarped it and thought I was done..... But then I kept looking at Plot #4 right next door to me that had been abandoned mid-summer and dreading poor neighbours next season.....  SO, now Plot #4 officially belongs to my mrs.  Plot #5 closed, Plot #4 in background Knowing there wasn't much time before the snow, and knowing I did NOT want to let those weeds overwinter, I got to work. The first day I went out there and pulled up every big weed. Anything I could reach from standing was removed, some cut with pruners at ground level, others hauled out with whatever roots would come. The fencing was removed by me and the rolls were either stolen, or retrieved by the previous owners overnight. I like to think it was the latter. EOD Plot #4 Oct 11 EOD both Oct 11 EOD pano Oct 11 Next pass and with the help of a garden fork I managed to uproot about a third of the weeds. The pile

6 months gone

 I've been: hiding from COVID seasonal summit with Hugslut housing Wolfie in our spare room learning to program in Ruby went back to work listening to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts gardening learning new plant based meals hiding from COVID again canning writing penpal snail-mail with my niece signing up for a second garden plot thinking toward the future farm plans