Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Last Day Off Work

I woke up this morning at 7:30 and the rain was barely starting so I just got a little misted walking from the car to the house.

This is the last day Hugslut booked off for the move so we’re just trying to get things “liveable”. We can worry about the longer term things like a couch or TV when we have time to peruse the shops and test a bunch of floor models.

We brought a bunch of mugs but they’ve been in storage for years so I popped some dishes in the machine(oh how I love having a dishwasher 😁). With rubber gloves and some attention to the clothes washer I got out the piles of dog hair and the vape pen the last owner lost into the machine gusset, and then did a whole lot of sweeping. I managed to get a big pile from every room even though most of them didn’t look dirty from eye level. 

After eating breakfast off a cookie sheet we dubbed “a plate”, Hugslut drove into town for a few necessities we forgot at the grocery store like plastic wrap and paper plates. We decided she should find a place to get an inflatable mattress too… because last night sucked, and the UPS tracking on our fancy mattress wasn’t giving any new info. 

I stayed home because even if the mattress didn’t arrive, Bell Aliant was gonna show up and hook up our internet. While Hugslut was out I put a few more things away and also discovered our dryer doesn’t really dry anything. It just makes the bathroom rather humid. This is a bad sign that the hose is blocked and we will not be using it until I get that fixed. 

The Bell Aliant tech finished up just as Hugslut got home with lunch. The speeds are super zippy so we’ll have no problem with me streaming videos during Hugslut’s work meetings or anything like that.  

After lunch Hugslut took a minute to make sure her work computer could connect to the right vpn systems and such for tomorrows, and then we got right back to setting things up. 

We very slowly and carefully shuffled the two big heavy drawer sections of the bed into place in the bedroom and unboxed them so at the very least, we’d have some where off the dog smelling floor to put the air mattress. The head board and footboard just screw to the main frame so we’re good there. 

As we finished the semi-assembly of the bed, a courier van pulled in with our mattress! It was heavy but not as heavy as those drawers.  We got it on the bed base and unwrapped it so it would have a chance to inflate before bed. 

With that done it was 3pm and the rain had stopped so we decided to go out before everything closed and see if we could find a good desk and chair so Hugslut didn’t have to go back to work on the floor tomorrow. There was a bunch of other stuff we needed to get to like a bucket and mop so we checked local first stopping in at Causeway Interiors. 

They had some lovely couches an a bunch of dining tables, but very little when it comes to desks so we headed out to Yarmouth (about 45min from Barrington Passage). We found a good chair at Staples, as well as a good desk and a BUNCH of other stuff at Canadian Tire.  I never realized they had such nice utensils and stuff. (I did however completely forget mixing bowls. Good thing I don’t plan on baking soon.)

By then it was almost 7pm so we went across the parking lot to Boston Pizza for dinner. 

By the time we got home and lugged our loot into the house it was 9:30. 

Today was an expensive day but I am happy with the things we got done. 

Safe at Home

Tuesday Update Delayed but Present!

Woke up at 7 and got going asap. There was a medical emergency for one of the staff at an already short staffed Tim Hortons so our breakfast took a while. The manager looked a lot less stressed after the ambulance got there so the crew member will probably be okay. 

We drove to the house and got there in time for the 9am inspection. We said yes we definitely wanted the house now please and thanks but we can’t have keys until the money moves from the bank through the lawyer to the selling agent.  

With nothing to do but wait, we took our still loaded hearse to The Hawk and sat/walked around the beach til 10:30. 

We drove around some more, considered going to the library but it doesn’t open until 3:30p on Tuesdays so we picked up some of the mail from the post office at 11. There was a big box with the pillows and sheets that we couldn’t take yet with the full car. 

We went into town(Barrington Passage is about 15 min from the house) and got some gas and then lunch at Kat’s Lobster shack(kinda pricey so maybe just date night from now but what can you expect for lobster)… that’s when everything started happening. 

Our RealEstate guy called to say the money finished moving and he could give us the code for the key box!  We hurried home and started unloading the car. It didn’t take as long as it did to load it of course, but that was just the start of the afternoon’s activities.

We picked up the big box from the post office, went into Barrington Passage again to pickup the bed frame I had ordered. We grabbed a few things while we were there like a broom and garbage bags and such, and when we went around to the warehouse door we found out that our lovely hearse could only take two of the three boxes for the bed. The headboard & footboard box was just too wide so that will be delivered on Monday. 

All the way back home to unload the massive heavy drawer units for under the bed.(we’re certainly getting our weight lifting in this week). All the way back to Barrington Passage for groceries, and then finally all the way back home for the night.

The mattress I ordered was supposed to arrive at some point on the 16th but was a no-show so we tried to make a blanket bedroll on the floor. 

We gave up trying to sleep on that after an hour & slept in the car. (The front, not the back.)

End of Aug 16th. 

We are technically all the way moved in. Now we will be removing traces of the past owner(like dog hair everywhere) and filling this house with stuff that suits us. 

Monday, 15 August 2022

Hello Nova Scotia

Slept in and woke to a quiet foggy morning. This was at 9:30am. We sat out on the dock with some coffee and watched the sailboats. Our meeting with the lawyer wasn’t until 3 so it was a really low activity day which was super nice after all that driving. 

After the lawyer we stopped for late lunch / early dinner at a local spot called the Emerald Light. Walking back to the Inn, Hugslut decided to climb into the giant chair by the water. :-)

We’re both tired so we napped and I just woke up to a lovely sunset. Our final walk through is scheduled for 9am tomorrow so I’m gonna make sure everything is back in the car tonight because the house is an hour away which means it’ll be an early start to the day. 

Sunday, 14 August 2022

Good-bye New Brunswick

Woke up at 7:30 for breakfast and then took a walk around the parking lot before getting on the road. The view was not much to talk about. :-)

On the road at 9 for a three hour drive which got us to St. John with enough time for some lunch before getting in line for the ferry over an hour before departure.(as they request) 

The ride itself was peaceful enough. We watched the departure from the open deck, wandered around a while and then grabbed some seats so we could both kinda doze for a while.  After arriving in Digby, excitement is finally starting to grow. This is our home province now. And as a new local I will share something that we learned the hard way.

Do NOT take route 203!

I don't care what google says, I don't care what apple says. Do not!

Basically, you start loosing cell service and then suddenly the road gets SO bad. I mean, potholes taking up an entire side of the road and ruts deep enough to scrape any low car and the fact the road was so poorly built there is grass growing up though it most of the time for a few kms!

We had to drive 50 on a 80 posted road just to have enough time to break and swerve after we realised what was going on. When we did finally make it to Shelburne, the lady at the Inn was all like "oh yeah, no one uses that road it's just so bad" and I was like, "Well nobody told google." But Yeah, Seriously..... do not.

We did get here safely by 7:20pm and managed to get a quick takeout order at a chinese food place before they closed at 8. Every restaurant here that was open (most of them seem to be breakfast & lunch only), was closed by 8. Even the grocery store closes at 9pm.

We are safe in our cozy room at the Inn and look forward to sleeping in tomorrow as our meeting with the lawyer isn't until the afternoon.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Good-bye Quebec

Woke up at 7:30 and after a quick breakfast and a wave as we passed the Hospital where Hugslut was born, we hit the highway. 

We decided to avoid driving through Montreal so we took the back roads. 90% of the speed but 5000% of the beauty and calm. 

It was a lovely day for a drive. We Stopped just outside of Alfred Ontario for some gas and a nap around 10am and were back on the road at 10:45 heading into Quebec at the Hawkesbury/Grenville bridge. 

We stopped near Lavaltrie for lunch at 1pm. Back on the highway before 1:45. 

The hearse is doing surprisingly well on gas. We’re getting 22mpg (10.6L/100km) which is about what we got with the Juke and it wasn’t loaded with our stuff. 

We ran into a TON of construction on the main highway between Quebec City and New Brunswick. 

Managed to get two pics I’ve been trying to remember every time we drove past. 

Sunset that blinded us for 30 min before turning pretty. 

Got to Grand Falls at 9pm but everything was closed except mcD(and they close at 10!) After a McDinner we checked into the hotel at 10, tired, and ready for a goon night’s rest. 

Friday, 12 August 2022

Good-bye Ontario

 Yesterday was a LOT of work. 

Hugslut and I packed everything we had ready into the back of the car. So many trips in the elevator taking 3-5 boxes down on a dolly. And then I’d crawl in to tetris stuff as Hugslut passed it to me. 

Gotta tell you, it was HOT yesterday(especially in the back of a dark blue hearse). We took a water-&-cooldown break after each load or two and as we reached dinner time we decided to stop for dinner and a movie before finishing the job. 

As we finished up with the movie Wolfie dropped in for one last visit. We chatted and hugged and Wolfie helped with one more trip to the car and we chatted some more and hugged some more and by the time he was out the door, we realized neither of us had the energy to rally for another trip down to the car.  

So we went to bed and got up early this morning for showers and the last minute things. 

There was a surprising amount left to do this morning. We barely fit everything we wanted to take. “It fits where it touches” as Mum would say. 

After hitting mcD for well deserved and greatly desired breakfast with coffee, we finally got on the highway at 10:30am. 

Stopped at Mom’s in Hamilton for hugs and goodbyes.

We decided to avoid Toronto by taking the 407 and then after our 3pm lunch when the craziness of Ontario drivers was too annoying, Hugslut rerouted is through the back roads for a much nicer view. We saw a LOT of cows and horses and lakes and it was just so much better. (Sorry no pics of said critters, didn’t think of it at the time). 

One of my brothers kindly offered a spare room for our trip through so we wouldn’t need a hotel. We got to his place in Ottawa at 8. 

There was no way we were cooking dinner so we picked a restaurant off google. Al Halabi is a wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant on Bank Street.  (100% halal if that matters to you) Just delicious. 

Sorry if the formatting is not up to snuff. I’m not unburying my laptop bag so this was done on the phone. 

We’re going to be now for an early morning. 

G-nite folks. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Our last day in London.

 It seems unreal. A month of craziness has led to this.

Tomorrow is our last full day here. We will spend it loading our stuff in the back of our hearse.

Tomorrow we pack our books and clothes and keepsakes into our car to be ready for the early morning.

Tomorrow we find out how much of the maybe-stuff can fit with the definitely-coming-stuff.

Tomorrow night we watch one last movie on the big TV, and sleep in our uncomfortable bed one last time.

This move is so weird and so big. I feel queasy.

Friday, 5 August 2022

Traveling in Style

So last Friday we rented a car, dropped off Albert the budgie with his new caretaker. If you need a bird sitter in London Ontario, do consider Lori's Bird-sitting as she has been wonderful for us. 

Planning to test drive some trucks the next day because everything was closed, we decided to take a nosey around some of the car lots and save ourselves some time. In one of the lots we spotted the PERFECT vehicle for our trip.... but had to go home to consider it.

Now I know you're thinking, "No way! That'll be super pricy and where will you fit all your stuff?" But I've gotta tell ya, this three day trip is going to be be so comfy. Just look at these powered seats!

And believe it or not, this 2004 has only 53,000km on it... and it was selling for just under $10k. The ride is so smooth, it's like bobbing along in a boat. 

As for all our stuff, well, the back is as spacious as a capped pickup, so we'll have no trouble there.

That's right folks. We bought a hearse!

We thought about it over-night and decided that since the gas milage was about the same as a truck, and the storage capacity was about the same as a truck, and the length/parking difficulty was about the same as a truck, but the price was 1/2 to 1/3 of a truck.... hell yeah we can be the weirdos with a hearse!

I gotta tell ya though, insuring this sucker was a pain in the neck. Regular car insurance didn't want to touch it because it's a "commercial" style vehicle, but commercial insurance didn't want to touch it because we don't have a business and won't be using it as a commercial vehicle. After a bazillian phone calls to half a bazillian insurance companies we eventually wound up begging at the metaphoric doorstep of Mitchel and Whale where a lovely lady named Tania took pity and found a solution for us.

We will likely sell it after the move as it's not really suitable for a load of logs or manure so I'd still like a cheap truck for the farm and we will both want a small fuel efficient car to zip around in... but for now, for the move, this is the best vehicle idea we've had all month.

With that taken care of, our downpayment & fees wired to the lawyer, and less than a week until move out... things are coming together.