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To-Dos and a Tour

Dryer drama resolved! Now I'll only line dry when I want to.  :-)

After a good nights sleep we finally had the strength to move the dryer and take a peek behind it. Turns out the last guy just kinda shoved the hose on and hoped for the best. We could probably still use a clean-out but, after buying a hose clamp for about $3.50, I trimmed off the leaky & torn end of the hose and secured it properly. Hugslut pointed out that (other than cleaning) this has been the first repair or upgrade we've made on our house. 😊

These past few days we've crossed a few other to-dos off out list such as:

  • putting a cover plate on a basement power outlet
  • applying for our NS IDs
  • reprogramming the lock code on the front door
  • switching to a cell carrier with better coverage for our area
  • buying and assembling a kitchen table and chairs
  • installing the Tushy
  • getting the garlic ready for planting
  • applying for our NS health cards
  • got some yard tools so we can edit the driveway a bit(more on that another time)

There was a bit of concern over the weekend when I identified a few insects in the house as weevils! I quickly threw all grain products in the freezer and threw a pic up online for further ID... turned out to be Rough Strawberry Root Weevils which are not a problem at all. They don't eat people food, or people. They don't even eat the house, they just wandered in lost.

This afternoon I tucked my pants into my socks and took a tour around the property dragging a white towel. I wanted to get a look around and I figured I might as well check for ticks while I was at it. (The towel dragging through the bushes and grasses gives the ticks something to climb on. White just makes it easier to check for movement.) I gathered 3 mosquito bites, a spider, two ants, lots of plant bits, but thankfully no ticks! I did get a bunch of pictures of plants on my walk. 

(Although, I don't know what most of them are yet.)

I do have some news about the lower portion of the property. It is very soggy near the creek. The rest is also fairly soft. A cow wasn't in the picture for a few years anyway but it seems we're looking at goats instead. The forest will be great for them.

It may be possible later on, by planting some water sucking trees like willows and to digging the lil pond into a large pond, that we can firm up the area a bit, but due to the slowness of nature, we're unlikely to get animals heavier than sheep or goats on there for... likely many years.

I'm fine with this. The forest is young and crowded. I was going to want goats for that anyways. That said, even goats are a few years away. 

Next spring is chickens and a garden. If things go well, the following year will be rabbits.


Never seen orange/red moss before.

These are BunchBerries.
Technically edible but not usually foraged because they have no flavour and are gritty.

There are a lot more items on the list for this season like actually planting the garlic and clover, putting the headboard and footboard on the bed, getting up into the attic to measure what size of cover that one uncovered junction box needs, googling the owners manual for the generator..... etc.

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Beautiful pictures of possibly pitcher plants in bloom? They eat all kinds of mosquitoes!

  2. Yes they are! I looked them up after. I have to say though, I'm not sure they're doing they job very well as a good number of mosquitos make it up to the house.


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