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Last Day Off Work

I woke up this morning at 7:30 and the rain was barely starting so I just got a little misted walking from the car to the house.

This is the last day Hugslut booked off for the move so we’re just trying to get things “liveable”. We can worry about the longer term things like a couch or TV when we have time to peruse the shops and test a bunch of floor models.

We brought a bunch of mugs but they’ve been in storage for years so I popped some dishes in the machine(oh how I love having a dishwasher 😁). With rubber gloves and some attention to the clothes washer I got out the piles of dog hair and the vape pen the last owner lost into the machine gusset, and then did a whole lot of sweeping. I managed to get a big pile from every room even though most of them didn’t look dirty from eye level. 

After eating breakfast off a cookie sheet we dubbed “a plate”, Hugslut drove into town for a few necessities we forgot at the grocery store like plastic wrap and paper plates. We decided she should find a place to get an inflatable mattress too… because last night sucked, and the UPS tracking on our fancy mattress wasn’t giving any new info. 

I stayed home because even if the mattress didn’t arrive, Bell Aliant was gonna show up and hook up our internet. While Hugslut was out I put a few more things away and also discovered our dryer doesn’t really dry anything. It just makes the bathroom rather humid. This is a bad sign that the hose is blocked and we will not be using it until I get that fixed. 

The Bell Aliant tech finished up just as Hugslut got home with lunch. The speeds are super zippy so we’ll have no problem with me streaming videos during Hugslut’s work meetings or anything like that.  

After lunch Hugslut took a minute to make sure her work computer could connect to the right vpn systems and such for tomorrows, and then we got right back to setting things up. 

We very slowly and carefully shuffled the two big heavy drawer sections of the bed into place in the bedroom and unboxed them so at the very least, we’d have some where off the dog smelling floor to put the air mattress. The head board and footboard just screw to the main frame so we’re good there. 

As we finished the semi-assembly of the bed, a courier van pulled in with our mattress! It was heavy but not as heavy as those drawers.  We got it on the bed base and unwrapped it so it would have a chance to inflate before bed. 

With that done it was 3pm and the rain had stopped so we decided to go out before everything closed and see if we could find a good desk and chair so Hugslut didn’t have to go back to work on the floor tomorrow. There was a bunch of other stuff we needed to get to like a bucket and mop so we checked local first stopping in at Causeway Interiors. 

They had some lovely couches and a bunch of dining tables, but very little when it comes to desks so we headed out to Yarmouth (about 45min from Barrington Passage). We found a good chair at Staples, as well as a good desk and a BUNCH of other stuff at Canadian Tire.  I never realized they had such nice utensils and stuff. (I did however completely forget mixing bowls. Good thing I don’t plan on baking soon.)

By then it was almost 7pm so we went across the parking lot to Boston Pizza for dinner. 

By the time we got home and lugged our loot into the house it was 9:30. 

Today was an expensive day but I am happy with the things we got done. 


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