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First Time At Aikido

I finally got to the Aikido class. Hugslut came with me to check out a Saturday morning all levels class. She was less drawn than I was so I went to a free beginners class by myself last night. It was SO MUCH FUN! I threw myself into it determined to not be the scared newbie who doesn't even manage a summersault because they're so tense and I had a great time. The people are great, and the class size is small enough that there's enough high levels to help with all the low levels (because if you pair a newb with a newb they're both just gonna get hurt). As I was signing up, I was chatting with one of the higher levels and he was telling me "just relax and don't worry if you don't get something. We all started there and no one gets the techniques right on the first try . . .  except for Dancers, we hate dancers. I mean, we LOVE dancers, but we 'hate' dancers. They'll walk in off the street as a rank newb and watch the sensei perform a techni