Saturday 15 December 2018

Seems I haven't posted in a while

So... Updates... um...

Well, Hugslut's job is going well, and as of Dec. 3 I'm doing the part time housewife thing. Working fast food Wed-Fri and relaxing on the weekend, and hardcore homemaker duties on Mon-Tues.

I've been trying to keep track of what I've been up to homemaker-wise for my own peace of mind. I know I'm prone to wondering wtf I did all day without a ta-da list, and so I'm hoping that looking over what I've accomplished in the 3 months til our next household seasonal summit will show me that this was a good idea.

The little orange bastard is as cute and annoying as usual. He had to go to the vet to get surgery for a cavity analogue, but recovered quickly and well.

I bought is a tiny lavender "christmas tree". It's literally just heavily pruned lavender but I wanted a plant in the house that wouldn't kill the cat if he decided to nibble a single tiny corner of one leaf. (The daffodil incident was harrowing). The lavender is growing nicely and Franklin has learned to leave it alone.

Holidays are upon us. We don't really do much about winter holidays here. I'm gonna make almond shortbread for the work potluck, visit our families, and work boxing day for extra money goodness.

Tumblr is dying due to Apple porn restrictions, G+ is closing down because they think it's not used enough, Twitter is mostly where I see updates on news stories, so I needed somewhere new to hang out in blissful ignorance.  Enter, Seems pretty nice.

On the self improvement front, I've been "reading" a bunch of audiobooks and working on my interpersonal and organizational skillz. I've kinda dropped the workouts because I get SO BORED doing bodyweight exercises at home... and so we've been looking into the YMCA and other local gyms. The YMCA appeals because they are VERY flexible on their membership stuff... but they're about twice as much as the place that makes you sign up for a, still thinking on that.

That's about it for now I think.
Hope your holidays are meaningful to you in whatever way you hope they will be.