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Seems I haven't posted in a while

So... Updates... um... Well, Hugslut's job is going well, and as of Dec. 3 I'm doing the part time housewife thing. Working fast food Wed-Fri and relaxing on the weekend, and hardcore homemaker duties on Mon-Tues. I've been trying to keep track of what I've been up to homemaker-wise for my own peace of mind. I know I'm prone to wondering wtf I did all day without a ta-da list, and so I'm hoping that looking over what I've accomplished in the 3 months til our next household seasonal summit will show me that this was a good idea. The little orange bastard is as cute and annoying as usual. He had to go to the vet to get surgery for a cavity analogue, but recovered quickly and well. I bought is a tiny lavender "christmas tree". It's literally just heavily pruned lavender but I wanted a plant in the house that wouldn't kill the cat if he decided to nibble a single tiny corner of one leaf. (The daffodil incident was harrowing). The laven