Wednesday 15 June 2022

Updates, Progress, and Plans

 Been a year.... Guess you guys could use some updates right? lol

My lovely Mrs Hugslut is still working at her awesome job including at least one small promotion.

I stopped trying to long distance garden at the community plot and decided to focus more on home.

We took a trip Dec 2021-Jan 2022 to check out Nova Scotia in the winter in the search for our forever home. The only property we really got a look at was lovely, but too remote for us. The island of Westport is two ferries & a lot of driving to the nearest proper grocery store/pharmacy/doctor's office/etc. I do plan on growing a lot of our food eventually, but I don't want to drive 2 hours to the grocery store(each way) until I can get us set up.

The past while has been crazy as house prices rocketed as stocks crashed. They're both just now starting to rebalance.

The plan is still as follows:

  • Do not buy without seeing in person
  • This year and next is for finding our perfect place.
  • If we get to 2024 without finding our perfect place, we will settle for our awesome place.
  • House buying budget $300k-$400k