This is my crew in their winter home January 2024. Starting at the roo and going clockwise is Romeo, Isabella, Lilly, Marsha, Jennifer, and Kelly. They're mostly barnyard mutts except Lilly and Marsha (the new girls) who I got specifically for blue eggs. 
I'm a first time chicken keeper and got my main flock from a neighbour April 2023, and the new girls "ready-to-lay" from the local feed shop in September 2023 expecting them to settle in over winter and start laying in the spring of 2024 but they surprised me. Right now in February 2024 I'm getting a daily average of 4 eggs from 5 hens!


Romeo - Rooster

    He's part of the original flock. He was second fiddle at Yellow Brick Road Farm so I took him on and he's bloomed as the head(and only) rooster. He's always been polite in asking the ladies to dance, and he make sure to announce when he's found something they might like. He escorts them on their daily walkabouts and keeps the feistier ones from causing too much trouble.


Henrietta - Brown plumage, unknown eggs  (deceased 2023)

    She was the leader of the pack when we first got them.  She had a horrible bout of sourcrop/gleet that stopped her laying while I was still figuring out who's eggs where who's. I nursed her through it; at times using a syringe to MAKE her drink. She recovered eventually and seemed a healthy bird for several weeks before one morning she came out of the coop lethargic and was gone 2 hours later.


Isabella - Black plumage, very extra jumbo tan eggs

    The new head hen and our over worker. She is just as regular as the other girls but produces eggs that are between 85g and 100g! She also showed her first autumn with us that she is a HEAVY molter. Within 2 days, she went from normal to half naked! She is kind in her rule and assists Romeo in keeping the peace between the lower ranks.


Jennifer - Barred rock plumage, extra large tan eggs

    Named after the lovely lady who sold us the original flock, Jennifer is happy in the middle. I hardly ever see her scrapping and she pecks to correct the lower birds without biting. She has had a stay in the hospital crate for scaley leg while moulting, but otherwise is a solid laying hen.


Kelly - White plumage, large to extra large brown eggs

    An adventurous spirit who was always ready to lead or follow Romeo to new and exciting things. She was the lowest bird on the pecking order when I got the original flock and seemed okay with that as long as Romeo let her explore with him. When we got the new girls she became quite nasty towards them even after everyone else had settled into acceptance. It's possible she was worried about getting leapfrogged.


Lilly - White plumage with some grey feathers, medium size blue eggs

     She's shy and deferential to all humans and chickens placing her at the bottom of the pecking order. She easily gives way to the point that I have to make sure to spread treats far or she won't get any. She was bought as a "ready to lay" in September and although she grew to full size at the same rate as Marsha, she stayed looking like a "teenager" for a good long while. It wasn't until at least a month after her batch-sister Marsha was actually laying that Lilly started her puberty. That said, I was willing to wait for spring but it seems she just felt ready.


Marsha - White plumage, medium size pale blue eggs

    She is batch-sisters with Lilly but kept maturing without pause. Her big read comb and sturdy frame almost got to the point I was worried she might be a rooster. Turns out she was just really good at hiding her eggs. :-) Marsha was horribly picked on by Kelly during her puberty and may even still have a scar on her comb to prove it. They've settled down now but even through all that she remained kind to Lilly and looked after her little sister for the few months Romeo wasn't sure whether to bother with the new girls or not.