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The Maple Syrup Story

This is an old post from an old blog but it's important to me so I want it here.   When I was young, probably less than 10 years old, I learned that maple syrup came from maple trees. I was told the sap was just basically watery maple syrup and it was boiled to get rid of the water and make it thick. I had already learned that some berries(wild raspberries) were good to eat and others were to be avoided. I had learned that certain plants like mint and horsetail could be brought home to make tea. I was excited to learn of a new nature-food. With this idea in mind one fine spring morning, I went out to experiment. I picked a young leaf off the first maple I found and watched the white sap well up at the break. I was expecting a clear liquid so I became extra cautious. Remembering the awful bitterness of the white sap from dandelions I sniffed the sap to see if I could smell any trace of the delicious maple syrup scent... nothing. It just smelled like a leaf. Very caref