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My boyfriend just told me yesterday that he and his nesting-partner may be moving out of town in a few months. I wasn't emotionally ready for him to be long distance yet. Kinda sad now, but determined to make use of what time we have left. They won't be going too far(2hr drive) but I won't be seeing him every week anymore... Maybe every month or two.

A finish line has been set!

When discussing my homesteading dream, the smart-alecky joke is that it's been three to five years away for ten years now. Hugslut decided that now we have our feet under us, it's time to start walking toward that goal. We're going to be tucking all non-essential moneys into a savings account to cover the downpayment, any lawyers fees and such, the cost of moving, and any repairs/upgrades that the property needs right away. In 3 years (January 2022) we will take a look at the savings, take a look at the real estate markets in BC(because it's gorgeous on the island) and NB(because that's where Wolfie lives), and decide if we're going to move that year. If not, repeat in 2023. If it's still not a good idea we wait until 2024. At that point we get a real estate agent because we ARE buying a house in 2024. It may not be the perfect place, but we'll get all the things we need, and some of the things we want. For an example of the type of place we'