Saturday 17 June 2023

This year's garden is finally going in.

I did a lot of work on the garden today. Plenty left to do but it's pouring down rain and I'm feeling stiff already so I'm done for now. The bit I'm building up is where all the low time, high attention crops like lettuce and radishes are going. Most of the garden area will be stuff that can handle sharing the space with the ground cover like squash and corn. 

I have to keep reminding myself that the seasons here are delayed compared to what I'm used to and I'm actually on track. In Ontario folks plant the frost tender annuals "on or after the May 24 weekend". Around here folks say "the second full moon in June".


Started mowing, compost delivered

Mowing short complete

Started cardboard and soil layers

Finished cardboard and soil layers

In the corner there, the layers are going to go cardboard, soil, fresh cut grass, cardboard, compost. This should be a nice thick bed to prevent weeds and nourish the growing plants. The other areas are going to get and pile of compost at each planting site and mostly that's it. (The potatoes will get some straw.) 

The hearse went into the mechanic today for it's oil & rotation visit. They bypass the back door switch for us so now it always thinks it's closed and doesn't drain the battery dry overnight. 

Henrietta is enjoying being back with her flock but her time inside has definitely helped her see me as a friend instead of a scary stranger to avoid. I can easily pick her up now for her medicine and she is often underfoot when I'm out working in their area.

This week I baked some GF bread, canned some chilli, and made up another batch of bone broth. I think I'm going to start saving the bones in larger quantities so I'm not boiling a huge pot of water on warm days. Hopefully this winter I can can up a large supply and I won't need to make any in the summer.

Earlier this week we went to Ikea in Halifax so Hugslut could get some good shelves for her office. We'll likely be putting those together on Monday. It was a very long drive but they wouldn't deliver so you do what you've gotta. 

The firefighters at the forest fires are just on clean up duty now. They're basically going through the burned areas bit by bit and making sure nothing is left smouldering. We drove based a burned area on the way to Ikea. It was kinda eerie. 

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  1. That is so much work out there!!! -jpie