Tuesday 27 June 2023

It's starting to look like a garden now

Got the seedlings in.

Mess Tent for the Chickens.

Got a "beach shade tent" to cover the chicken's feeder. I was sick of it getting clogged up every time it rained considering it rains here a lot. Seems to be working well and the chickens don't mind. 

We went for dinner one night at Anchors Away and saw some of the fire devastation close up. It's a really nice fish and chips and ice cream type place.

Partially ScorchedJust Shocking

Sunday we tried to go to a local race track but the day was called for weather and there was just some folks doing practice laps. It was fine, we got a nice drive out of it and even stopped for sushi on the way back.

I took 3 photos and none of them had a car in it. lol

Sunday afternoon I spent in the garden(and kinda over did it. I'm still tired/achey) and I got a lot done. I'm really worn out so no big explanations today. Rabbits haven't eaten the lettuce(yet) and I'm still trapping for them in other areas but I'm also using bobbex/liquid-fence on the garden posts and rocks to make the area less appealing.(The stuff STINKS)

"Its starting to look like a garden now" - Hugslut

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