Wednesday 31 August 2022

Two Weeks!

I can hardly believe it's been only two weeks we've accomplished so much and also our house is really starting to feel like home. The big project these past few days has really been the shed. After dinner Monday night we got our work gloves and work shoes on, grabbed the ladder, and got to work.

We found broken tinted glass panes.Five abandoned tiny wasp nests
We also found:
  • a bunch of scrap wood and metal and a few pieces of vinyl siding
  • a roll of reflective moisture barrier
  • two cases of fertilizer marketed for marijuana growing
  • a garbage bag full of half burned garbage covered by an old dirty blanket
  • a box with two (broken?)fans in it

The loft/attic portions were very warm, but nice and dry.
Good storage space for stuff that isn't bothered by temperature fluctuations.

By the time Hugslut started sweeping out the main area we were about 3/4 done and it was getting dark enough to turn on the lights.

This shed will continue to house the outdoor tools like the mower, but it will also be our workshop for building/ fixing things. I have plans this winter to build fencing for my 25'x25' garden plot so I'll be ready to keep rabbits out come spring. Before winter I'm going to mow the garden greenery as short as possible, add cardboard, and add compost. This should give me a nice, low-weed surface for spring.

Garlic on the left, Garden on the right.

I know it doesn't look it but the garden is square. I measured it out. The garlic on the other hand was just kinda shoved in the ground in approximate rows and is almost guaranteed to not be square.

I had a plumber and an electrician in to take a look at a couple things. Now I have some bathroom fixtures to update(the tub diverter was old & broken and I don't want to try to descale the shower hose/head that's been there since before the filter) and I'm waiting on a quote to get some electrical work done. (I am NOT messing with electrical stuff yet.) 

I was going to walk down to the post office and library but I forgot to check the weather.... it's raining quite a bit. Looks like that's tomorrow's plan then. We've still got plenty to do around the house. 

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