Friday 12 August 2022

Good-bye Ontario

 Yesterday was a LOT of work. 

Hugslut and I packed everything we had ready into the back of the car. So many trips in the elevator taking 3-5 boxes down on a dolly. And then I’d crawl in to tetris stuff as Hugslut passed it to me. 

Gotta tell you, it was HOT yesterday(especially in the back of a dark blue hearse). We took a water-&-cooldown break after each load or two and as we reached dinner time we decided to stop for dinner and a movie before finishing the job. 

As we finished up with the movie Wolfie dropped in for one last visit. We chatted and hugged and Wolfie helped with one more trip to the car and we chatted some more and hugged some more and by the time he was out the door, we realized neither of us had the energy to rally for another trip down to the car.  

So we went to bed and got up early this morning for showers and the last minute things. 

There was a surprising amount left to do this morning. We barely fit everything we wanted to take. “It fits where it touches” as Mum would say. 

After hitting mcD for well deserved and greatly desired breakfast with coffee, we finally got on the highway at 10:30am. 

Stopped at Mom’s in Hamilton for hugs and goodbyes.

We decided to avoid Toronto by taking the 407 and then after our 3pm lunch when the craziness of Ontario drivers was too annoying, Hugslut rerouted is through the back roads for a much nicer view. We saw a LOT of cows and horses and lakes and it was just so much better. (Sorry no pics of said critters, didn’t think of it at the time). 

One of my brothers kindly offered a spare room for our trip through so we wouldn’t need a hotel. We got to his place in Ottawa at 8. 

There was no way we were cooking dinner so we picked a restaurant off google. Al Halabi is a wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant on Bank Street.  (100% halal if that matters to you) Just delicious. 

Sorry if the formatting is not up to snuff. I’m not unburying my laptop bag so this was done on the phone. 

We’re going to be now for an early morning. 

G-nite folks. 

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