Saturday 13 August 2022

Good-bye Quebec

Woke up at 7:30 and after a quick breakfast and a wave as we passed the Hospital where Hugslut was born, we hit the highway. 

We decided to avoid driving through Montreal so we took the back roads. 90% of the speed but 5000% of the beauty and calm. 

It was a lovely day for a drive. We Stopped just outside of Alfred Ontario for some gas and a nap around 10am and were back on the road at 10:45 heading into Quebec at the Hawkesbury/Grenville bridge. 

We stopped near Lavaltrie for lunch at 1pm. Back on the highway before 1:45. 

The hearse is doing surprisingly well on gas. We’re getting 22mpg (10.6L/100km) which is about what we got with the Juke and it wasn’t loaded with our stuff. 

We ran into a TON of construction on the main highway between Quebec City and New Brunswick. 

Managed to get two pics I’ve been trying to remember every time we drove past. 

Sunset that blinded us for 30 min before turning pretty. 

Got to Grand Falls at 9pm but everything was closed except mcD(and they close at 10!) After a McDinner we checked into the hotel at 10, tired, and ready for a goon night’s rest. 

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