Who's Who?

I use code-names mostly because you don't know my people, but also because there's a lot of duplicate names in my life and it makes things simpler for you the reader. If you ever can't remember who someone is to me, check out this handy dandy page that will be updated every time there's something to update.

HugSlut - sweetheart/nesting partner/wife, we started dating in May 2011 & were married May 2016
Bard - long distance love, we started dating October 2014 but he moved a 2 hour drive away and although we're still in touch, we haven't been in the same room more than a handful of times since
Loup/Wolfie - ex-boyfriend/ex-housemate/good friend

Mum - Hugslut's mother
Mom - my mother
Riza- my much younger half-sibbling

Kettle - ex-coworker/friend (she just kinda ghosted me but we reconnected later)

Dad - my father
StepBitch - my father's wife

Flake - ex-boyfriend
Lump - ex-boyfriend
MamasBoy - ex-boyfriend
PsychoEx - ex-boyfriend
Hometown - ex-boyfriend

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