Friday 27 March 2015


Last year I was sporadically writing in my old blog certain that I wanted to keep writing there because it would tie my past to my future. I created the ID Sinnah Saint for YouTube and Twitter reciently because I realized I couldn't truely be free to write about myself in any blog that could be linked back to my work self.

The reason I wasn't making the number of vlogs I wanted to simply because of the amount of post production required for a newbie with a 8 year old webcam. The last vlog I never got around to making was written and storyboarded and never filmed let alone edited... then it kind of hit me yesterday that I had already done much more work than a blog post and had nothing to show for it. I'm not saying I'm giving up on video alltogether but I'll probably save it for things that I want to show you in a game or walking down the street rant type videos I can just upload with no editing.

That said, welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoy the stay. I'll be updating regularly because although I don't always had quiet for filming, I can write anywhere. this isn't exactly a topic focused blog and although I write article type posts sometimes, I also write personal story type posts, and take lots of photos.

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