Friday 29 September 2017

The List of Lists

So I've been caught by farm-frenzy again and I stayed up WAY too late on a work night combing real estate listings. This morning I decided I wasn't going to waste this burst of nervous energy on churning out yet another list of lots that will be gone by the time we have a down payment. 

Instead, I'm figuring out what needs to be done for us to be ready to move when the time comes. I realized that a big long to-do list would not only be daunting, but also hard to dig through. Instead I made a list of lists.  :-)

Yes, that's 33 lists sorted into 8 categories. I haven't fleshed out any of the lists yet. That's a job for tomorrow.  :-D

It may seem like I'm still a bit nuts but really, this is a lot less nuts than spinning my wheels making yet another savings plan to for a worst case scenario when we might wind up with a best case scenario. That, and this gives me a driving force to get the things I've been meaning to do (like go to the dentist and update my ID) finally done.

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