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The Tidying, Has Begun.


This place needs decluttering. I know that I'm going to do some serious spring cleaning as soon as the weather is warm enough to open the windows for a few days. Until then, I still have plenty to do. In order to pare down to the things we actually want in our home, I've decided to start tidying.

I thought it was gonna be fairly easy to start with my clothes. . .  might take a day. . . One day I had an hour before dinner and decided to tidy my sock & undies drawer. I didn't think to take a before picture til I saw the pile on the bed, so you'll just have to believe me that it wasn't a disaster, but it was very full.

A pile of underclothes that covers about 25% of the queen bed it sits on.

A 12" diameter cookie tin, a similar sized hatbox, and a mesh lingerie bag,
At that point I decided I had to post my underwear on the internet, and therefore, I needed pics.

So I took a pic of the two containers and the mesh bag that had also been filled with odds & ends of the same type that had also been tossed into the pile.

A small pile of bras, pantyhose, and socks in a purple laundry basketThere were a few things I decided "don't count" because they belong in a sexy/dress-up pile (a pair of opera gloves, a garter belt, etc) so they went with other play stuff. I was happily surprised to see that it wasn't just keep and trash piles, but that some of the items were in good enough shape to go to another home. I even had a bunch of unopened pantyhose that I had got in a bag of clothes from a relative that went in the donation basket because they weren't my style.

A small wastebasket filled with socks & underwearAll the socks with holes, and all the old thongs that are really not my thing anymore went in the trash. I just used the little wastebasket that was in the bedroom because honestly, I was kinda shocked how much I wound up throwing out.

At the end of the purge I KonMari folded everything I was keeping so it was nice and tidy. . . and now there's so much room in this drawer! Even after laundry (I know what's in the hamper I will still have a big hole with nothing in it!

That hole would fit a store folded t-shirt! I haven't figured out what might go in there yet.

That said, This ONE DRAWER took 90 minutes.
So, doing all my clothes, is going to take longer than I thought.


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