Sunday 3 March 2019

Religion and Ethics

A manager I rarely work with started "chatting" with me before I clocked in today and the conversation carried on after I started working. She was asking a lot of questions about my family and I couldn't understand why she was suddenly so interested in my life but I thought maybe she was just being friendly.

Then the conversation came to my mom remarrying and then devorcing again because, in her words, god was punishing her with a bad marriage for divorcing/remarrying. My manager flat out said that her faith agrees with my mom's assessment of the situation.

We talked back and forth about religion for a while and eventually I got bored with her stubborn headed & contradictory arguments so I said something along the lines of "I get that you believe, I'm just not convinced." And when she replied "I'm not here to convince you" it was like one of those slow-mo movie flashbacks.

I remembered that getting someone to talk about their family was often the foot-in-the-door taught to evangelicals and other little bits of our conversation that showed she was indeed trying to convert me. I don't like mindgames.

I replied "Of course you're not. That would be unethical . . . you're my boss."

I think that was an "oh shit" moment for her because she didn't say anything for a few minutes and didn't bring it up again.



  1. SMDH
    BTW We still haven't bothered to get officially divorced. We are just intentionally separated for well over a decade now.
    If her religion was worth following for you, how she lives would have drawn you in and made you ask questions. This was amazingly unprofessional of her.

    1. I guess I mis-remembered. I thought he had finally done the paperwork for the new lady in his life to stop bugging him.