Saturday 3 August 2019

Update with bad news

I'm surprised it's been so long, time seems to be drifting quickly. Life was chugging along nicely for me with Aikido twice a week, part-time at work and part-time housewife, slowly digging through & decluttering the backlog of our stuff....

Then, at the beginning of July, Franklin's liver became a problem and his health took a turn for the worse. We worked long & hard with the vet to try to get him back to health... but he passed away July 29th.

Hugslut and I are still working hard towards our goal of a homestead to call our own before 2024, and maybe by then we'll be ready to let a new pet into our life.

On a happier note, Bard has passed his first bar exam and will be a proper lawyer very soon.
I'm very happy for him and wanted to share his success with you all.

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