Monday 23 January 2023

I wasn't complaining.

So the past few weeks I mentioned how it's been calm... The universe seems to have taken affront to that.

In the past week, a few things happened one after the other. I'm just thankful it wasn't all at once. 

Our well pump flat out died in the middle of me doing dishes Wednesday night. I got in touch with our regular plumber and he promised to come out and fix it in the morning. 

The new pump was installed quickly and easily Thursday morning, but the priming water didn't stay in the pipe... so the plumber had to go down into the well to hail out the pipe and replace the one way valve at the end of it. He said the one way valve going out might have been the thing that broke the old pump because without it, the pump has to work a lot more often.

The new pump is a lot quieter and works well. I'm definitely happy that we got this sorted out and don't have to worry about it for years.

Friday Morning came with rain and snow, coating the world in slush. We were expecting rain, but it's gotta snow sometimes right? 

Saturday was cold enough for the view to remain snowy. The neighbours were mostly happy to see the snow since it's been pretty mild this winter so far.

Sunday was nice and warm(10C) with lots of rain. The snow melted as the rain fell, and the front yard became a puddle again. Definitely gonna need to address that with some more organic matter in the soil and some thirstier plants. The puddles do drain within a few hours of the rain stopping so it's not that it's trapped water, it just infiltrates the tiniest bit slower than the rain falls during heavy rains.

SO, Sunday night, I was feeling alright with the snow washed away and the grocery trip completed... 
and then, 
at 5pm, 
the power went out.

Seems a transformer had exploded taking out the power for 1/2 the island. The power company estimated repair by 9pm. I had been just about to start dinner so we decided to go out and hope the power was back on when we got home. I kept an eye on the power company's site and they actually had it back up and running by 6pm but we were already 30 min from home so no point turning around without food in our bellies.

Generally, we've been good. Hugslut's still having fun with the Advent of Code puzzles and I've started taking French through DuoLingo. We've both been enjoying a new computer game called Slay the Spire, and are looking forward to our living room furniture getting delivered soon. I took a nap in the afternoon today because I'm feeling a bit run down. Might take it easy tomorrow too.

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