Tuesday 10 January 2023

New year starting slowly

As expected, January is not a busy time. A few video games, a few phone calls, but mostly just puttering around the house. Our tattoos are healing up fine and I've been listening to Diskworld audiobooks while keeping house. I've also taken advantage of a few sales at the grocery store to stock up the freezer and shelves with chicken and beef. Weather sometimes brings a bit of snow but it melts within the day.

After a bunch of looking around online to get an idea of what we really wanted, Hugslut found a shop nearby with a couple TV stands and couches we wanted to see in person. We got a couch and a wall unit for the living room so we can relax together at night. Currently our only place to sit together is the bed and it's not really built for sitting. The kitchen chairs, and our office chairs, and the camping/deck chairs, aren't really built for two. The furniture we wanted weren't in stock of course so they were ordered and should arrive in a couple weeks.

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