Wednesday 1 February 2023

Decor Decisions

Our ordered furniture was delivered and we did have to fix up one of the shelves with broken a peg hole, but overall we are very happy with it. The couch is very comfortable and we now have enough seating for the next big social event.

I'm starting to think my tiredness & headaches is due to low humidity. Going to need to get a humidifier. The weather has calmed down a bunch but we're expecting a very cold snap this weekend. Low of - 20°C but just for one or two nights. Highs and lows back up over 0 by Monday. 

We're going to have some folks over for a game night tomorrow, so I figured I’d get around to finishing the bathroom wall with some primer and paint. :-)

My Duolingo french lessons are going well. Not really anything to report on that front as it's not not quite been two weeks.

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