Thursday 23 February 2023

February has been going well.

Hugslut's birthday just went by and in addition to going out for sushi, she was surprised by a few gifts.

Flowers from mumCupcakes from a neighbour's teen

I've been working on my gluten free breads and I also made a new batch of chilli.

Rustic BreadChilli with Meat and BeansSandwich Bread

This morning dumped a bunch of snow on us, but it will likely melt in the +4C rain tomorrow.

Snowy surpriseBlowing winds make empty spots.

The other day I realized that when we moved we left behind the "for guests" supplies we used to always have on hand so I made up a new menstruation station. A few more basics like toothbrushes and such should mean we're set for small surprises.

Menstruation Station.

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