Thursday 30 July 2015

Goal: Ninja

I want to be the kind of fit I don't have to think about. The kind that makes everything fun.

I'm not interested in spending more than a minute at a time running, 
but I love walking/hiking for hours.

I'm not interested in pounding out sets on machines for an hour every day, 
but I'd love to just pop into handstand push ups when I'm bored.

I need to be able in the next 3 years to get fit enough for the homestead, 
but I'd love to exceed that to Ninja Warrior level bodyweight fitness.

I can see myself learning deadlift and weighted squats as an add on to my regular training, but I'd mostly like to be able to fly around a jungle gym / forest / urban environment looking like a special effects team has me on a harness.

If I can fly around having fun and looking kickass I don't care if I'm 225lbs. 
(gymnastics at that weight would require more strength though)


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