Wednesday 15 July 2015

I Did The Thing!

Actually did my first real workout at home. Here's what I did:

Warm-up fast-walk (2km)
Climb 6 floors of stairs +
10 body weight squats *
5 incline/chair push ups *
10 walking lunges +
10 dumbbell rows (using a full ketchup bottle because I didn't plan ahead)+
20 second plank *
20 jumping jacks +
Cool down stretch

+ means I could have done more easily so make it harder next time

* means the last one or two were really hard so stay there

- means I couldnt finish, ease up a bit next time. There were none of these because I purposefully tried to make it easy so I wouldn't chicken out.

Happy dance!.... Actually... I'm gonna take a shower. I'm super sweaty. Ick.

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