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End of March Garden Update

I stopped by the garden because it was SUPER windy today and I wanted to make sure everything was in place. I was surprised to see caution tape all over the playground. I mean... it make sense... but my first thought was "crime scene" not "reminding people to not be idiots during a pandemic".

Here's a before and after for today. If you look along the left you can see the garlic growing surprisingly well considering the flood and such. As I was cleaning up the blown over barrels and such a gust ripped up the top left corner of the tarp. I went around re-anchoring the tarp and then grabbed some loose 2x4s that had washed against the fence for weights.

A lady walking her dog on the other side of the fence struck up a conversation that left me a bit confused:

Lady: "Hello! Getting to be that time isn't it?"
Me: "Yup, we're getting there. Today I'm just making sure the tarp doesn't fly away in the wind."
Lady: "I wonder if the garden centre will be open in time."
Me: * shrug * "I bought seeds online."
Lady: "Oh, you're one of those."

Now, I'm not sure exactly what she meant by that. Maybe "doesn't support local", maybe "very into tech", I hope it means "so good at gardening I can grow my own starts".


  1. That's a very odd response from that person, I'd be confused too! If the garlic leaves are looking healthy, they it should be ok. Must mean that the flood water has drained away.

  2. Yes, you're definitely one of "those" people. That's why I love you.


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