Sunday 15 March 2020

Now I Know

Here's how things looked in January. 
I thought the plot was tucked in snug for the winter.

My first winter in this community garden has been a learning experience for sure. Near the end of February I stopped by to find the tarp had been completely washed into the walkway. Another gardener told me that there was a 6 foot flood a week or two before that washed everyone's empty composter barrels into the soccer field so I was pretty lucky my tarp had remained anchored in one corner. She mentioned that it's a usual thing and happens pretty much every year.

Unfortunately, after the flood there had been some very cold weather so my tarp had frozen to the ground in the walkway. Watching the weather for a warm streak I went back out March 5th to try to get everything back where it belongs.


Another surprise under the snow; the garlic has started to sprout!

So now I know. 
This garden gets REALLY flooded in February, AND that the flood didn't mess up my beds at all. I also now know that overwintering garlic is a viable option despite the flooding. I also need better anchors for my tarp next winter.

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