Sunday 18 December 2022

Goodness! It’s been two weeks already?

So what have we been up to?

I started a fermenting project with some beets to see how we like fermented pickled beets. 

I also started a crochet project. I haven't done crochet in a while so I'm getting used to tension and such again.

Hugslut and I fought tooth and nail with the green house to get the first panel on in the barely sub-zero temps Sunday. Turns out the biggest part of the problem was the fact the bolts are just BARELY long enough to go through, and flat out are not long enough to leave them loose enough to fit the side panels in like you're supposed to be able to. 

The other part was that I had accidentally stuck one of the metal pieces on the plastic panel upside down so the holes were not lining up with the holes on the support struts. All of that was of course even worse because the metal was burning cold.

The collapsible dog kennel I ordered has arrived. This is intended as a chicken hospital. 

I know we don't have chickens yet, let alone ill chickens, but I'm doing my best to learn from the mistakes of others and I promised myself I'd make sure I had all the necessary/recommended equipment for any animal before we bring the animal on the farm. This means I'm planning to have everything(coop, fencing, hospital cage, first aid kit, food, grit, etc) ready by March so I can order(and hopefully receive) chickens in April without worries. 

Hugslut went on a work trip to Toronto for a couple days so I was left rattling around this big ol' house by myself. For first time since she started that job three years ago, we were actually away from each other overnight and it sucked. I missed my wifey.

This weekend we stopped off at the hardware store and got two more panels on the greenhouse. It's amazing how much easier one extra cm on the bolts, plus 5 extra degrees warmer, makes things.

Hugslut putting on a show when I asked for a pic.

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