Sunday 25 December 2022

Holly Jolly Holidays

Dec 18thDec. 19 morningDec 19 evening

So.... that didn't last... Arg. We were pretty sure the problem was having it partially done all the time and IF we could get the whole thing up on a low wind day, the anchoring straps and solidity of the structure would make it stay put..... So we worked out ASSES OFF into the night on Dec 22 to get it DONE. 

By the end, Hugslut had to point headlights at it so we could see the nuts & bolts.

Getting there...Almost...Done!

One of the hunters who park on our property to go hunting stopped by around sunset that night with a thank you gift of a goose and 4 lobsters. We needed to stop for dinner and decided that surprise lobster was much better than the original plans for dinner. :-)

After dinner, and after going back out to finish, we went for a congratulatory drive around and saw some lovely lights on the houses. This was the best I saw. Very festive. :-)

Next morning Dec 23rd, even though the wind picked up over night, The greenhouse was still standing!

The keen-eye'd can probably tell it's not perfect. The fact it got so mangled means things did not line up properly and actually made it really hard to make the panels go where they needed to. The ceiling of the greenhouse is not sealed. Many of the panels were not lined up with the ribs so the straps can't actually overlap the gap. This means the greenhouse will be less good... but less good is still much better than bad.

The 23rd was kinda busy for me. The little fridge and freezer we ordered a while ago were delivered, so I set those up and I canned up some split pea soup

Not too surprising in this roller coaster life... The greenhouse didn't hold. The last two panels that were the most crooked and therefore under the most pressure, popped overnight so the morning of Dec. 24th Hugslut and I hurried out to take them off all the way so they didn't damage themselves or anything else anymore than they already had.

I am just done with this greenhouse. I'm gonna cry and idk what we're actually gonna do about it but this is not functional. I can't make do with something that can't keep it's walls on. This likely means no greenhouse this upcoming season. No tomatoes, no peppers. . .  Maybe next year we can get some pros in to do up a new one.  Makes me sad because I had PLANS. 

I know, I know, Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. Don't mentally can salsa you haven't even planted the ingredients for... but it still sucks.

After that disappointing morning I decided to cheer myself up by doing some kitchen work. Washed a lot of dishes, canned up some Mock Pineapple, cooked up scalloped potatoes to go with the ham for dinner, made some lobster shell broth, and baked some sausage rolls so they'd be ready and appropriately refrigerated by the morning.

Dec 25th - Our traditional xmas breakfast plus music this morning. That's about all we do about xmas. We also tend to watch a themed movie and/or have a dinner with family at some point in December, but it's not a guarantee.

Happy Holidays to You & Yours.

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