Monday 5 December 2022

Wind Finally Died

Random photo across from the post office because the sky looked cool.


This week started on a scary note with the chair I was sitting on giving a loud CRACK as the bolts connecting the back and back legs to the seat and front legs tore out of the solid metal taking a chunk with it. Hugslut said "You shared the skit out me!"(not a typo) and all I would say was "me too".

The chair now gets  to sit in the naughty corner until I figure out what to do with it. We clearly need a better dining room set.

Been eating sprouts on sandwiches and started making smoothies when we want a sweet treat. 

The amount of veggies going in our bodies has increased. This is likely a good thing

That said, I am not immune to the call of fudge. :-) Made up a tray and wrapped up lil pieces. 

Some went to a friendly neighbour, but most stayed with us. 

The wind FINALLY died down today which means the lobster boats got to start their season. Hugslut and I went down to the wharf to see them off with a friendly neighbour first thing in the morning. The boats got to leave the harbour at 6am so we got up at 4:30, got dressed and caffeinated, witnessed our first "dumping day", and then crawled back in bed for an hour or two before really starting our days.

The fact that the wind died meant that I could finally get back to the greenhouse. Poor thing is so bent.

I did manage to get the handles/latches on. Hopefully the panels will be up soon.

Please enjoy, some of my neighbour's chickens.

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