Tuesday 30 May 2023

Forest Fires & Farmers Market


Map showing the evacuation area as of May 29th

We're safe. The fire isn't coming here. 

The smoke sometimes drifts in our direction for a bit so the cars need washing and I only go outside when it's clearer so I haven't done a lot of the work I wanted to this week but ... 

Between the stresses of: 

  • the forest fires wrecking so many folks homes and livelihoods
  • the job hunt(which seems to be going well but takes time) 
  • not catching any rabbits yet and knowing they can more than triple in a month or two
  • offing my first rabbit when I do catch one
  • worrying about the smoke affecting the chickens
  • needing to plant stuff but not wanting the rabbits to eat it before it can even grow
  • not actually having the ability to fix any of these
  • etc
... Well I'm not really surprised I pulled something when I was stretching this morning. Hugslut is holding up better than me. She's launched herself in to a programming project to keep her mind sharp and has rocked a few interviews. Neither of us are sleeping well but that makes sense under these circumstances.

 - - - In earlier news  - - - 

We went to the farmer's market on Saturday. It was lovely. About a dozen tables with a various crafts, one from a local brewer, three or four of the soaps&candles variety, two selling potted garden starts, one with veg, one doing meat preorders, and one with baked goods.  Sorry, I didn't think to take any pics.

I'm slowly growing my social network and now have a few lines on local products. We now have our own eggs, a supplier for local milk, a deposit on 1/2 a pig ready the fall, and a local nursery where I bought some herbs for the garden.

So, It's not the end of the world, it just smells like it.


  1. You'll be well suited for the end of the world. -jpie

    1. Thanks Jpie. I hope lots of small communities work together for sufficiency. The lone prepper with 5 years of MRE’s is nothing compared to solid communities.