Monday 1 May 2023

My Birthday Week

An abundance of eggs.

We did solve the mystery of the missing white eggs. Turns out Kelly is a DeKalb Amberlink and not a DeKalb White. Her "dirty" look is actually slightly brown feathers around her head and such. This explains the 4 egg days as well as the no white eggs because Kelly is laying the pale tan eggs with some calcium nubbins on them. 

My best guesses at matching chicken to egg so far.

We did wind up with a new chicken mystery. April 28 and 29 there was a "naked" egg in the poop tray first thing in the morning. These shell-less eggs are usually a sign of low calcium or old age not processing calcium correctly. By process of elimination the naked egg was the larger one, but the other eggs were also thin shelled so I figured out the girls in general were not getting enough calcium even though they're on layer pellets AND they've had free access to crushed oyster shell.

The feeder holding their crushed oyster shell may have been two whole inches too high for comfortable use so I lowered it, put lil piles of shell on the ground for them as well(which has been eaten daily), and added a couple spoons of yogurt into their lunch the past few days. There hasn't been a naked egg yesterday or today, but the largest egg was still missing from yesterday's collection. We did get one this afternoon but the shell was so thin it was utterly crushed in the nest box and got egg goo over the other two. Hopefully they can build up those calcium reserves soon and we can put this behind us. 

Birthday flowers from mumChives and Mint from Jennifer at
Yellow Brick Road Farm

Our sushi restaurant (birthday meal).My birthday gift to me.

My birthday went well and I had a great weekend. The new auto door for the chicken coop meant that one day I slept in until 7:30am! lol  I've been wanting a massage for over a year now but we've been SO busy, so Hugslut is also setting up a spa day for me to get utterly pampered.

Pardon, où est mon cafe? Ah, c’est ici. Merci. 

Salut! J'étudie le français beaucoup, mais je parle un peut de français seulement. Ma femme Hugslut étudie le français aussi, et elle parle le français plus que moi. Je viens de Ontario, Hugslut vient de Wales, mais maintenant, nous habitons dans Nova Scotia. Hugslut travaille dans son bureau à domicile. Je travaille á le jardin et dans la maison. Je prépare beaucoup de nourriture avec les œufs de mes poulettes et nous aimons des œufs. J'aime cuisiner le déjeuner ou le dîner, mais je ne ç'est pas que je veux pour le petit-déjeuner.

I made lasagna from scratch (made my own noodles and sauce, bought the cheeses) and it turned out nice. Way too much food for the two of us of course, but now I know if I host a dinner party, this lasagna plus a light salad will serve 8.

The weather has been fairly mild but I watch out for stuff like this. The wind gusts were up over 90km/h at one point. I had positioned the chickens to be sheltered by the house, so when I brought their breakfast out this morning their feathers were barely ruffled. (Their portable fence did need adjusting due to the wind overnight but didn't collapse completely so yay?) It’s blown it self out this afternoon and the rest of the week looks more normal.


As I was fetching something from the basement the other day I got a whiff of sewer smell and got really worried. Turns out someone before us just tried to macgyver a solution instead of buying a $3 part. There was a literal balloon screwed onto the end of this pipe that had eventually rotted making a hole for the gasses to get through. We went to the hardware store and got the right end-cap and I fixed it up properly.

Our deer damage. A single flower. 
(They don't like the taste of daffodils 
so I think it was a young deer.)
Bunny trying to see if we have 
anything good over here.

I've been keeping busy and planning the next few projects and I've been keeping an eye out for deer and rabbits to get an idea of what we're working with here. We didn't see any rabbits all last year(except the one in July) but there's one or two that visit daily now so I have to build the temporary garden fence with that in mind. We've also been planning what sort of fencing we're looking at going forward and I'm excited for what this year and the next hold.

Sunrise April 26th

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