Tuesday 23 May 2023

Time flies

Wow, it's been about two weeks! Chickens are doing well. I have to keep encouraging them to eat their calcium and I realized that the previous owner mentioned feeding them "raw milk" and yogurt and such so they probably don't recognize the crushed shells as what they're looking for. I put some yogurt mixed with their oyster shells and they went gaga for it. I mean, I always planned for excess whey to go to the other animals but we don't have a cow yet so, they can have a spoonful of yogurt here and there to encourage shell intake.

My head has healed up nicely. Dunno if the scar is permanent or not.

There hasn't been any rain lately and the weather has been hovering around upper single digits celsius over night and hitting 10-12 during the day. We had a little cookout on Friday to celebrate Hugslut's first interview. Because of the type of work she does, the interview process for each position is usually 3 or 4 events long. This means that even if things go as fast as they possibly could, it could still be a weeks before an offer. Not knowing what's next means stress. Stress means neither of us are sleeping the best. Low sleep means...

duolingo screenshot of the phrase "too much coffee" in french and english

I've been working on creating a farm notes program. I've found a bunch of options online but they're either made for full scale farms or they are glorified journals. I'm building something small but detailed so in a year I'll know how many eggs to expect for this time of year, and in two years if one of the chickens has health issues I'll be able to see what the chickens been eating and where they've been pastured. I realize these photos might not mean much to most but it's basically the whiteboards where I started planning out how the parts of the program would be connected to each other.

While we were out and about one day we met a fellow D&D lover and invited her to the monthly board game night. That'll be about a week from now. Hugslut and I also went to The Hawk beach for a walk and the water was super beautiful with teal and darker blues. 

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