Saturday 8 October 2022

Canning, haircut, etc

Canned meat for the first time ever.

So as I mentioned last time, this week I canned up the leftover chicken. I also made and canned broth from the left over chickens bones and such.

My hair got long enough that it was pissing me off. I've been cutting my own hair for over a year now but this time I slipped and messed up the lines so I cut it all off. Blank slate to try again. :-)

Hugslut said I'm lucky my head isn't a weird shape. lol

I made apple crisp from canned apples one night as a treat.

One night this week we discovered a stuffie had sprung a leak. My sewing is improving over time but a "hidden" seam with a slippery stretchy fabric really tested my skills.

Mum is coming for a two week visit so I might be posting a bunch more or a bunch less. We're not planning a bunch of touristy things so there might not be much more to say.

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