Sunday 30 October 2022

So tired… not done yet

I’m tired do you get some blah blah and a photo dump with no pretty. Photos likely out of order due to phone blog thing sucking  

Monday: bought a car. We now have the three we planned when we got the hearse. Hearse for weird(might stay, might be sold), Truck for farm, car for vrooming around the countryside. 

Tuesday: bought some work pants and rubber boots for us both as our yoga pant lifestyle wasn’t going to cut it anymore. The missing pieces for shelves arrived so we built those. 

Wednesday: R&R

Thursday: put in for maybe free wood chips, also car delivered, also buried two potatoes just to see if they’d survive winter here  

Friday: started putting together greenhouse (w/Hugslut) Mostly I needed someone to hold the other end of stuff and pass me things so I think this greenhouse could technically be done alone, but it’s better with two  

Saturday: first frost this morning. continued putting together greenhouse(w/Hugslut). Hugslut’s bag was breaking but I mended it up  

Sunday: called for some compost delivery,  and still working on greenhouse(w/Hugslut). It’s not more complicated than I thought but it is more… finicky? Awkward? Cumbersome? 

Tomorrow: greenhouse can wait until Wednesday or later(likely to rain Tuesday). Laundry, cleaning bathroom/kitchen/etc needs doing. Also prepping for Halloween Trick or Treating  might even make more bread tomorrow as I have run out of store bread

Wish me luck?

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