Sunday 23 October 2022

Touristy Stuff

Hugslut took a week off work to spend some quality time with her Mum and we decided to do some touristy stuff. Monday was a trip into the nearest big city, Yarmouth. We picked up an order at Canadian Tire and popped in at a couple local shops.

One of the first things on the sight seeing list was a proper lighthouse so Mum could take photos back to her church friends. Tuesday we decided on Sandy Point Lighthouse as it was right near Shelburne which had a place we wanted to take Mum for dinner, and a location for Guy Frenchie's which is a thrift shop for clothes and accessories. All in all a fine day.  

Unfortunately our truck only technically seats 5. The front would be too crowded if we squeezed mum into the center belt so I volunteered for the back "jump seat" which requires a bit of clambering. The 15 minute trips to the postoffice and local shops did not prepare me for 1hr drive, each way, for two days running... so I was regretting that decision by the time we got home. 

Wednesday I chose to stay home and make my first loaf of gluten free sandwich bread while Hugslut took Mum to the Shag Harbour UFO Center. They came home with a few souvenirs and were happy to be my taste-test-subjects. 

Thursday was a lovely day and I was feeling peppy so I took a VERY long walk(about 6 km total). I did find out the local hardware store has chicken feeders/feed/shell grit,etc and actually does chicken orders in April so we're all set for the little stuff. We'll just need the coop and electric netting. 

That will have to wait though because first is the GREENHOUSE! It arrived Friday! So excited!

Nine Boxes totalling 408lbs!

I got out the supplies and started sorting and tagging all the parts, checking them off the list as I went.

Hugslut kindly kept me company, and wisely stayed out of my way until I asked for help.

By the end of the day, everything was accounted for and safely guarded from the weather.

We all went to a local place called JB's for dinner and then afterward we went to the boardwalk at North East Point Beach to watch the waves and the sunset.

Yesterday Hugslut and Mum took the long drive to Halifax so Mum could fly home. While they were gone I mowed the very long grass that had gotten away from me a bit. It resulted in a huge compost pile when I layered the clippings with cardboard and I look forward to the wonderful compost I'll have to feed our plants next year... I did however, forget my sunscreen... ouch.

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