Tuesday 22 November 2022

Cake and Tea

Time has been flying past. At the same time I look around and see everything that's changed and I'm amazed we managed to do so much already.

I made a carrot cake Sunday and it was REALY good. Made way to much cream cheese icing for it and the carrot cake itself was HUGE. I could probably make half the recipe next time. :-)

Sunday night while we were on the phone with mum I went to the kitchen to start dinner and I looked out the window to find... 

Ouch. The rough winds seem to have not only shoved the whole thing across the lawn, but also completely mashed a corner that had dug into the ground, which wrenched a bunch of the connecting bars into different shapes.  

I sat down and cried for a bit, and then rallied the plan to fix it. 

Hugslut would only be able to help during her lunch break so I decided to be brave and... ask a neighbour who had flat out offered to help if I needed a hand with anything. 

She agreed to help the next day and I went to bed knowing I had a lot of work to do Monday. 

After straightening out the metal legs, tightening them the best I could, and bending the support beams back into almost the right shape, we got to work digging the holes for the legs. 

There's a LOT of rocks of various sizes fairly close to the surface. It seems the whole area was filled in with rocks to make it level, then random clumps of clay and sand to fill the gaps, and then covered with about 6" of topsoil. 

Good thing I don't plan on putting a rototiller through it..

With the greenhouse firmly planted and no longer in danger, we went inside for carrot cake and tea. We had a nice long chat and got to know each other better. When she had to leave to pick up the kids, I made sure she had a couple more slices of carrot cake and some jars of preserves.  

It's such a nice change to have friendly and helpful neighbours. 

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