Tuesday 15 November 2022

Preparing for Winter


 It's been a busy week of canning, baking bread, trying out pasta recipes, growing sprouts, etc.

Autumn has kicked into full gear and there's a few nights it's dipped down to 1C instead of just 4C. Might even hit freezing soon. One day we got the frame of the greenhouse up but just as I was putting in the last bolt the rain started so I couldn't get the drill out to do the latches on the doors. I tied them open to reduce wind issues but the wind still kicked up hard enough to snap the twine. Next morning I clamped them. That should hold until I can get the latches on. 

Also did a few things around the house like replacing the weather guard strip on the bottom of the garage door. Since it's directly connected to over 1/2 the basement we wanted to be sure that was secure before winter. 

The bluejays have become frequent visitors. A handful of peanuts and we get to see the whole family. Last time the crows were paying close attention and even swooped by for a better view once or twice. Hopefully this means the crows will be joining in for snack time soon. 

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  1. Corvid friends are good friends 😊