Monday 7 November 2022

Wind and the Willows

Friday I laid down some cardboard and covered it with soil. I do want another layer on there as it's not thick enough yet but there's only so much I can shovel in a day. We haven't finished the greenhouse yet due to bad timing around wind/rain and rest. Seems whenever the weather is co operating, our bodies aren't and vice versa. Hopefully we'll get to it soon.

Saturday I made a loaf of GF bread, and some sunshine in a jar, aka Lemon Curd. I love how bright and lovely lemon curd is and the day I make some with my own eggs, my own lemons, and my own butter...well that's the day I know I've succeeded in this whole homestead thing.

Saturday night Hugslut and I went to the legion hall to watch the local players group put on their annual xmas thing. It was a bunch of lipsynching and a couple of skits. Definitely glad we went but I was NOT expecting 3 whole hours on hard narrow chairs.

Sunday was just R&R.

Tonight we went out and picked up a couple buckets and a couple hay bales for future endeavours, but earlier today I grabbed my rubber boots, orange vest, and some willow shoots, and took a walk through the back planting potential willow trees as I went. I literally just poked them in the mud where ever I felt like it. If they don't take, no real effort wasted, but if they do take, awesome.


Momma TreeBaby Tree

The places that were just ankle deep mud in September, are now clearly a creek with running water in many places. I think a bit of depth and bank support would help it flow. The rest of the area is still the slightly soft I noticed before and hasn't gained any squishiness even though the creek is filling. 

In the spot I was thinking of for a pond, there is currently a much smaller pond. It isn't well defined enough to really do anything with. I'd prefer if we could stand on the bank and fish, or even boat a bit. 

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