Tuesday 5 July 2022

Summer 2022 Road Trip - House Hunting Day 1

Photo of an empty highway under a grey overcast sky.

It was an early start as the first location was a 3 hour drive. 
We were breakfasted an on the highway by 9am. Yesterday was foggy and dark and windy with patches of sunny. Today seems to just be mild and overcast. 

We got to the first house in Upper Wedgeport and although it was well cared for and the owner was sprucing the place up, it did not check off enough boxes to be a solid candidate this year. 

Unfortunately the house in Saulnierville we were excited to see, isn’t showing any more.

Also, when we got to the house in St.Alphonse… it was the wrong house in St.Alphonse. Turns out due to a miscommunication the realestate guy (J) had made an appointment at a house Hugslut and I ruled out a while ago. 

We cleared that up and he(J) got us an appointment at the correct house in St. Alphonse Monday at 10am. I also called around and got us a viewing with another realestate agent (T) at a house in Clark’s Harbour for Tuesday morning at 10am. 
Photo of a tourist information post in downtown Yarmouth with three maps showing local points of interest.
We went downtown Yarmouth for a late lunch at Jake’s Family Restaurant and I boggled at how small town the biggest metro area in NS other than Halifax truly is. Turns out the population in the town of Yarmouth is about 7,000!

We’ve got a nice lil motel room at the Best Western Mermaid in Yarmouth for the next two nights so we can see the houses. It's a two story motel with a pool and the staff are friendly and helpful.

We got a bit of a surprise when we walked down to the gas station and grabbed some milk at the CircleK. Turns out the milk in NovaScotia is pasteurised but NOT homogenised. I am not used to needing to shake milk before pouring so Hugslut got a very creamy tea because of it. lol

Hope you all are enjoying the updates and had fun this weekend.

 - - - - - -


Up breakfasted and on the road by 9:15. Today we’re looking at St.Alphonse.

The property was lovely. It had the outbuildings promised and looked good… until we went inside. 

The kitchen was just as weird and cramped if not more so than the pictures showed. We were prepared for that, but there was only one bedroom. The “bedroom” off the kitchen would make a decent pantry, but that still leaves Hugslut with no office. The basement was a 3/4 height crawl space that was too damp for most storage. 

The “workshop/studio with a porch” we were thinking of converting to a granny-flat/guest-cottage had no insulation or drywall. It was a glorified shed. And the barn it turns out, was in poor shape to the point the last buyers were advised to tear it down, and they hadn’t done so. 

After deciding that was a no, we found a nice spot to watch the ocean. 

Since there was nothing else planned for the day, we took a drive up to Digby and back down again to checkout the countryside in the summer. 

Back at the hotel in Yarmouth before 5pm and I made some calls to squeeze in one more showing tomorrow. 

We’ll be checking out MLS 202212075 in Clarks Harbour at 10am and we now also have a viewing at MLS 202212107 in Reynoldscroft at 9am. Both are with the second realestate guy(T). The other calls I made didn't get back to me soon enough.

We were planning on starting our trip back to Ontario in the morning but figure starting back a few hours later just means we don't get as far on the first leg. (Maybe Moncton NB, but more likely Truro NS instead of the planned Fredricton NB.) Turning in early tonight.

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