Friday 1 July 2022

Summer 2022 Road Trip - The Trip Out East

The night before our trip we packed, dropped our budgie Albert off at the bird-sitter, and took Mum as well as Hugslut's visiting brother & his wife out for dinner. 

Our trip was to attend a friend's wedding as well as take an in person look at some properties.We had promised to let Mom, Mum, and, Wolfie know when we got in each night so they wouldn't worry and I started an email newsletter for them. These posts will be those emails including pics I took along the way.

- - - - - - - - - -


Photo taken through a windshield of a mostly empty highway lined by trees on a bright partially cloudy day.
Beautiful day to start our trip.

Photo of a couch with throw cushions and a throw blanket in a room with pale walls and wood floors. There is a rug and a red ottoman in front of the couch, a lamp in the corner, and two framed paintings on the wall behind.

The day started well with us packed, breakfasted and on the highway at 10am. A tow truck had an accident on the Linc so we were stuck in traffic for a while and got to Mom’s about noon.

After a quick pit stop and hitting a drivethu we were back on the highway headed to Ottawa. We made it just in time for dinner at 6pm with my brothers. After an evening of fun and games we are safely tucked in our accommodations for the night.

- - - - - - - - - -


Packed up and on the road on schedule this morning. Got out of Ottawa and on the highway by 10am.

Took a break just after noon at a rest stop with a knotted canoe artwork and took some plant pics.

Made it to just south of Quebec City and checked into our hotel at 3pm and wandered the neighbourhood finding a good spot for dinner. 

After dinner we stopped for ice cream at a local place and now we’re safely ensconced in our hotel room to relax with the wifi. 

- - - - - - - - - -


An early night and a hard uncomfortable bed made for an early morning. It was a pet friendly hotel so we got to see a couple dogs. Sorry, no pics. Breakfasted and on the highway by 8:15am. 

Photo of car GPS at 10:43 am showing the Quebec / USA border area
We stopped at the most northern point of our journey for a pit stop and to stretch our legs.

Photo of a Honda dealership with the town name "Rivièr du Loup" on it
The Timmies was conveniently across from a dealership with the town name. 

Quebec’s rolling hills are super beautiful(even though I can’t get a good pic. I have to keep reminding myself how horribly cold it was in the winter. :-) 

Made a quick rest stop at 2p for lunch and got back on the long road to Fredericton. 

We got to our hotel in Oromocto just south of Fredericton about 4:30p. Since there’s nothing much to see here because it’s basically an extension of CFB Gagetown we just had dinner at the attached restaurant and are chilling. 

- - - - - - - - - -


Beds were MUCH nicer at this one. Don’t know why I forgot to mention the elevator yesterday. When we arrived the elevator was broken. Our room was all the way up on the fourth floor, as far from the stairs as possible. That made for some exercise. 

The complementary breakfast was all varieties of bread. (Toast waffles bagels cereals) so we just had some coffee and packed up. We left the hotel about 10am and went to McDonald’s for breakfast. Due to severe construction related traffic, we didn’t get to the highway until 11am.

It was raining this morning but it cleared up by noon. 

We tried to check out the magnetic hill in Moncton but it was apparently closed. 

Stopping at Truro we checked timings and decided to check out Wolfville and take the scenic route there.

Wolfville was pretty crowded so we had dinner at The Port Gastropub in Port Williams nearby. It was absolutely delicious.

After that it was already 7pm and we headded for Halifax. We arrived at our hotel at 8 and it seems rather nice. 

We have a great view of a construction site. :-p

Photo of Halifax from the hotel room showing a construction site with a crane at sunset. On the right, is a portion of The Commons.

We’re tucked in safe for the night and plan to wander tomorrow. 

- - - - - - - - - -

As you can see, we made it to Halifax safe and sound. 

Next post will be The Wedding.

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