Sunday 3 July 2022

Summer 2022 Road Trip - Halifax Area

2022-07-01 Happy Canada Day!

Beds are VERY comfortable in the Atlantica Halifax. Last night we did some googling and found some shops just around the block as well as a Wendy’s for breakfast because the hotel breakfast seemed a bit pricey($8 for oatmeal). 

We also found out that there are lots of events today just a block or two away and chose to delay that decision until after breakfast. 

We eventually decided to just relax and recover from the trip for the morning and we went out to get Donair for lunch. We ate on a baseball diamond bleacher overlooking the Halifax commons.

If you squint/zoom you’ll see the Canada Day festivities on the far side of the park. In between us and them is just a bunch of people enjoying the commons by playing games or just sitting out in the sun. There’s even some folks playing spikeball (which we hadn’t seen before).

The afternoon turned into a nice long nap and then we had some Domino’s for dinner. The wedding is tomorrow evening so the next email might be short. 

- - - - - 

Today Hugslut’s co-worker/friend is getting married. We’re to be picked up by the shuttle at 3:30pm. 

The breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant was good and reasonably priced. $17 incl. coffee, juice, fruit, yogurt, and such with the trays of hot food (compared to the $15+ per meal without refills or drinks if ordering off the menu). 

We got ready and went to wedding. 
Was a lovely party at their family home by the ocean.

During the party I excused myself somewhere away from the music to get back in touch with the realestate agent (J) that was supposed to be showing us properties the next day. His attitude was very lackadaisical and it was a pain just to get him to commit to a time and place. Once we we had a plan I went back too enjoying the atmosphere of the party.

There were shuttles back to the hotels but we weren't sure where or when to catch it so missed the one that came at 9pm. It was about an hour before it came back so we got to the hotel and into bed around 11pm.


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