Saturday 9 July 2022

Summer 2022 Road Trip - The Drive Back to Ontario


Last night we got our mortgage homework done and sent the paperwork off to the mortgage specialist. 

We then went down the road to a nice place called Sports Rock for dinner. The food was good and the waitress there was super excited for us and I told her that I hoped the next time we came through it would be with a moving truck.

I slept well but because I’m far too worked up about the house thing I woke up at 4:30am. Hugslut got up at 8am but between breakfast, checking out, getting on the highway, remembering we need gas, getting back off the highway for gas and the coffee we clearly need… we didn't get back on the highway for the day until about 10:30am. 

I dozed in the car while we made our way toward Fredericton and beyond. Around noon our mortgage lady called to say our pre-approval went through for much more than we’ll need to negotiate this house. 

We stopped near Woodstock for gas and lunch. No news yet. Nice weather though. 

The seller has until 7pm to respond…. We’re counting the minutes. 

At 2:30 Meg was feeling drowsy so we pulled over so she could take a nap. Back on the road for 3:15. 

Our RealEstate guy called at 3:45 with expected news. Basically the other buyer has until the 14th to get the money together whether they sell their house or not, and we’re the backup plan if that falls through. 

We made it to the hotel in Quebec about 6:30, had a nice dinner, and discussed what the next little while is going to look like. 

Good night

 - - - - -


I love the indoor balconies of Hotel Plaza Quebec. 


We got up at 8 and hit the highway about 9. It should be a short drive to get to Ottawa today. 

Last night we were re-reading the paperwork and decided that not only would we need a lawyer to do the title search, we should really have one look over the paperwork before the cut off on the 20th. So we looked up some NS lawyers and picked one for me to call this morning. 

I called about 10am and sent the paperwork to be looked over and we should get a call back soon. 

So… this is the largest number of professionals I’ve had to deal with at the same time. Usually it’s call one place (doctor, car repair, etc) and book an appointment. Done. 

Now we have:
- a realestate agent(T)
- a mortgage specialist(E) 
- a lawyer(B)

As well as referrals to:
- a home inspector 
- a general contractor
- the best place to buy steak in the area

- - - - -

Omg so much traffic due to construction going through Montreal. We stopped for gas and food on the far side of the mess and we’re back on the highway for 1:30pm. 

We’re both feeling crummy. 
Probably all the fast food. 

- - - - - 

We had a lovely dinner with one of my brothers and his family before popping in to visit my other brother on our way to where we were staying for the night. 

We’re all tucked in here and looking forward to getting home tomorrow. 

 - - - - - - 

Woke at 7:30 to find the internet across Ontario and maybe farther was very broken. Thankfully the car signal was good and our map system was working. 

We turned in the keys and hit the road early grabbing some Timmies on the way. 

- - - - -

Holy moly everyone is driving like lunatics today. Almost saw a bunch of crashes and we were almost in one or two. 

Thankfully we could stop at mom’s for tea and a de-stress break. 

Got home safely about 6:30pm. 

Thanks for joining us on the trip. I will keep you updated on house stuff but it’ll be many days between updates. 

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