Tuesday 12 July 2022


Photo of boxed books lined up along a hall wall.
Last night we started packing because even if we didn't get this house we really needed to declutter and at the very least, the books we wanted to bring could sit in storage for a few months with no harm.

This morning I went out to get more boxes and started hauling our random stuff up from the apartment building's basement storage locker. I was in the middle of doing this when our realestate agent(T) texted to say, "Just heard from listing agent they will be terminating the other offer. Great news!"

Hugslut and I happy danced for a while and talked to (T) on the phone about what comes next. After discussing how disappointed we were with the response times of the lawyer we picked at random, (T) suggested a local lawyer he has worked with before and said that everyone in that office is friendly and helpful. I called them up and yeah, (C) is going to be our lawyer for this. (B) never even called us back so I called them and told them not to bother.

So much packing to do......... okay gotta go. Bye!

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