Wednesday 6 July 2022

Summer 2022 Road Trip - House Hunting Day 2


We decided to forego hotel breakfast in favour of eating in the car to get a head start on the day. (The hotel coffee sucks.) We hit the highway about 7:30am. 

First place we looked at in Reynoldscroft had lots of out buildings including a small 1br ”cottage”with a kitchenette. It had ocean frontage, but the shore was large, weed filled rocks that led to large, orange slime covered rocks. Not exactly a beach. 

The kitchen was weirdly laid out with the stove in a lil unventilated closet looking nook and the fridge in a separate pantry area with the washer and dryer. It was a 1.5 house so all the bedrooms had slanty ceilings. To top it all off, one look at the very damp crawl space with rusty supports told me this house would need expensive fixing in 5-10 years. Surprisingly this was still the best option we’d seen. It got a solid “maybe”. 

Then we drove about 30 min to the next place fell in love. 

Clark’s Harbour is surrounded by a bunch of nice beaches has some local stuff like a Red&White(small grocery store incl. some ready-to-eat options), library, and tourism office. The house is <15 min drive to Barrington Passage which has large grocery stores, NSLC(liquor), banks, hardware store, Timmies, McD, sit down restaurants, etc. There’s also a bunch of smaller shops on Cape Sable Island itself. The island is connected to the mainland with a nice bridge/road so no ferries are needed to get to the mainland. 

The house is up a smal road and a long drive so it’s far back from the main road. The trees surrounding the house clearing gives lots of privacy. 

There’s a large shed with lots of room for yard equipment and a loft for additional storage. Next to the shed is a large flattened gravel area that has enough room for us to put a granny flat/guest cottage or two. 

The house… where to start on the house… 

It’s a split entry so the “front door” (that no one in NS uses) spits down to a half buried basement and a higher up main floor. 

On the basement level is the garage that lets you drive in at the back, which leads to an insulated and heated room that is very rough looking but might make a nice storage or workshop. 

Through another door takes you to the properly finished space. The hallway and stairs are carpeted and there’s one of the bedrooms to the left. It does have a drop ceiling we don’t like very much but it’s just a cosmetic niggle that’s easily changed if we really care. 

Up the stairs, past the front door to the main floor, to the right is a big open living room with nice big windows. Through there brings you to the kitchen table area with a sliding glass door to the deck. The kitchen (with a normal door to the same deck) is absolutely lovely. Modern, high oven, lots of counter space and plenty of storage. 

You can get to the small "office/den" we figure will be a pantry directly from the kitchen. Down the hall is  a decently sized bedroom that could be Hugslut's office, and the large main bedroom with a double closet. It’s connected to the bathroom which includes the laundry setup. The bathroom’s set up with two doors so the it is kind of an ensuite but also has a door to the hall. 

The deck out back is very large with plenty of room for a bbq and a table and chairs. Due to the split entry nature of the house, the deck is a good 4 ft off the ground as well which makes for easy maintenance. 

The mowed area is plenty to get started with Gardens and chickens and the surrounding lands can be expanded into as the farm grows. 

So now comes all the paperwork! It’s not ours yet but we put an offer in and we’re are working with a mortgage specialist(E) and a realestate agent(T) and getting in touch with a lawyer(B). 

Hopefully it will be ours in mid-August. 

 - - - - -

We’ve been on the road home for a while and just got a text from our realestate guy(T) saying there’s someone else vying for that house but they want to sell their house before buying so the seller will likely counter offer us. The way it works is if we accept the counter offer the first buyer has a set amount of time to get the money together to be competitive whether their house sells or not.  

The seller has until tomorrow to send the counter offer so… for now we wait. 

Checked into the hotel in Moncton NS at 6:45p. Now to get some bank statements and such emailed to the mortgage lady. 

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